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Sun City is an exploration of California’s troubled relationship to water and a changing climate inspired by the strange but true story of Charles Mallory Hatfield—Southern California’s most famous (and infamous) practitioner of the pseudoscience of “pluviculture.”

Told from the perspective of siblings Casey and Paul, this is not a history lesson or the story of a con artist. It is, instead, a story of belief. A story about the kinds of solutions people turn to when their climate threatens their livelihood. And a story about magic. Because when rainamaker Charles Hatfield got to work on behalf of Casey and Paul’s little town —against all reason—it did begin to rain. The only problem? Once it started, it refused to stop

Written by John Guerra and Developed in Workshop by Ghost Road Company and Directed by Christine Breihan.

Ghost Road will present a Work-In-Progress Showing of Sun City on June 25th and June 26th at the Atwater Playhouse. Details coming! Stay tuned!




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