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The Ghost Road Company recognizes the extensive and essential changes that are required in the theatrical field and in our own company to transform it into a more just and equitable community. We are committed to being an inclusive organization where all involved, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, education, disability, neuro-diversity, gender, sexual orientation, or identity are heard and valued. This is and will be constant, ongoing work as we seek to establish a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive work environment. We are committed to the ongoing work that is essential to providing an anti-racist and non-discriminatory workplace.

As a devising ensemble that works over long periods of time to create a single theatrical work through creative collaboration, The Ghost Road Company continues to expand its network of collaborators by engaging an ever-more diverse group of artists. It is implicit in our mission that we continue to diversify the voices in our creation and production processes so that we may more truthfully, inclusively, and equitably reflect the community in which we create. We are committed to ongoing efforts to engage artists, technicians, staff and audiences who have diverse backgrounds and experiences as we continue to focus on practices that guarantee the inclusion of diverse voices from our development process through production. We acknowledge that this is systemic and ongoing work and must affect all aspects of our endeavors as a company as well as our presence and practices in the community. This is a living document that will continue to evolve and change over time.